Merima Invests LEAN

Merima’s LEAN journey took a step forward in February 2016 when Merima had a LEAN training kick – off for entire organization. After this the training continued with a core team that had been gathered from different functions. LEAN training is an ongoing process within 2016 and it will expand to all organization levels and operations. Within next year the goal is to include selected suppliers to LEAN training as well.

In order for Merima’s LEAN journey to continue as planned, Merima has done significant investments to for example its machinery and production facilities. Merima has also established a new job position, LEAN Coordinator. LEAN Coordinator’s task is to plan LEAN roadmaps, give internal training for personnel and interact with other LEAN companies in Finland and abroad.

As the competition in shipbuilding industry intensifies, Merima has to focus on continuously improving its own activities. One of the best tools for this is provided by LEAN philosophy.