Merima expands in Germany with a new subsidiary

Merima Oy, the Finland-based company providing turnkey interior solutions for passenger vessels, took the next step in its internationalisation strategy in the beginning of April with the establishment of a new subsidiary, Merima GmbH, in Hamburg.

Like the parent company in Helsinki, Finland, Merima GmbH offers project management and consultation services for ferry and cruise ship interior construction. The existence of a dedicated company in Germany allows Merima to better and faster respond to the needs of its major customers there and to tap to a larger talent pool in recruitment.

“This is something we have planned for a long time,” Mikko Mäkiranta, the COO of Merima Oy, explains. “We have been working in Germany for twenty years now, but in the past we have always been guests. Now Merima comes to Germany to stay. We see plenty of potential for future growth in Germany. The establishment of a dedicated company there allows us to better recruit new staff, expand our partner network and more efficiently serve the needs of our customers in Germany and elsewhere. We want to diversify, expand our company’s competence and to be able to take on even more demanding projects. Having a subsidiary in Germany serves all these goals.”

As a maritime hub with good connections to both Germany and abroad, Hamburg was the natural choice for the location of Merima GmbH. ”Our goal has always been to hire the best people for our needs, and having an office in Hamburg naturally makes it easier for us to hire the best talents in Germany,” says Minna Mäkiranta-Blyth, CAO of Merima Oy and one of the CEOs of Merima GmbH. “Our vision is that Merima GmbH serves its customers effortlessly, with a team that understands the local culture. The key to this is finding the right talents – which, I’m happy to say, we’ve been very successful at. The German subsidiary, in turn, serves the overall Merima organisation, the company’s growth and – most importantly – our customers around the globe.”

Merima is currently recruiting talented staff for the Hamburg office.