Merima in major partnership with RMC for Wasaline and Tallink newbuildings

Merima in major partnership with RMC for Wasaline and Tallink newbuildings
8.10.2019 11:00:37 | Merima Oy
Merima, the company providing turnkey solutions for shipbuilding, has signed a major partnership deal with Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC): Merima will build all public rooms and cabins, as well as large parts of the technical areas, for both the new ferry under construction for Wasaline’s Vaasa-Umeå service and Tallink’s new Helsinki-Tallinn shuttle ferry.
Merima are known for providing complete, steel-to-steel packages for interiors, but the scope of this project is unprecedented. “These are big projects in every way,” explains Mikko Mäkiranta, the Deputy CEO of Meríma, “and they perfectly comply with Merima’s strategy of continued growth. In-house, we are referring to what we’re providing for these ships as a ‘super-complete package’ to describe the scale of what we’re doing.”

“It is a privilege to participate not only in the construction of these new ferries at Rauma, but also in RMC’s new partnership model of shipbuilding,” Mäkiranta continues. “We have a good working relationship with Rauma, going back many years, but RMC’s new partnership model takes our collaboration to another level. Merima’s strategy is to provide state-of-the-art solutions, and the term state-of-the-art is perfect for describing both the ships and the way they are built. We are working closely not just with RMC, but also with the shipowners and several suppliers in our own network to achieve the best possible result.” As a part of the new partnership, Merima will establish a new cabin factory in Rauma to serve both the ships now under construction and future projects.

RMC are very pleased to be working with Merima on the new ferries. “RMC’s goal is to become the world’s leading ferry builder,” says Jyrki Heinimaa, the CEO of Rauma Marine Constructions, “by using the ‘Rauma model’ of shipbuilding, where we at RMC concentrate on project management and use strategic partnerships with experts to provide the best possible result. Merima, the experts at turnkey interior solutions, are a logical partner for us and we look forward to continued good collaboration with them.”

The new ferry for Wasaline is due to for delivery in Spring 2021. The first newbuilt vessel ever designed for the Vaasa-Umeå route will have capacity for approximately 800 passengers and 1,500 lane metres of freight. The new ferry for Tallink will be delivered in late 2021 and will have a capacity of 2,800 passengers alongside a cargo capacity of over 3,000 lane metres. Both vessels will use liquidized natural gas as main fuel and will also be equipped with battery packs for further emission reduction.

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