Merima LEAN

Challenge to improve

There was a time, when Merima had to study methods to enhance it’s efficiency. Thinking of the skills we have in Merima – we like it simple – LEAN seemed to be the most interesting method. It spoke to our common sense. How value is added in our processes and which tasks are not adding value. Just remove all that is not necessary. How hard can that be? There we were. A new thing that we didn’t know much about didn’t raise awkward questions.

I strongly recommend others too to just start and do. It is fun. Fun to learn. Fun to recognize all the questions raised from awareness.

So we started and took measures to remove work that didn’t add value. Reorganized tasks that are necessary but didn’t add value. Funny enough, the growing insight while solving issues, reading material and simply thinking where we were, raised more and more questions. That is actually what is so excellent in developing things. I’m sure that if I had enough time, the central nervous system of an earth worm could be the most interesting thing ever. Dig into a problem and it nails your imagination into ever raising levels of challenge.

Anyway, a challenging goal is needed to be able to work your way towards it. This may sound obvious. It isn’t. Where are we good at? What kind of achievements could make us even better? We started with recognition of added value. To put it in other words: the LEAN measures were then the short term goal. Today we think more about the goal. The things that cause variation into our work. How we can take planning to a relevant level? How can we make the playing field visible?

It is the time for Merima to study methods to enhance efficiency. LEAN had proven to be a valid tool for it. To reach our objectives. To find out the variables and their causality. Raising up the challenge into the next level.

Mr. Janne Vesa, Development manager