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A passion that has grown while working

Iiro’s career at Merima started in 2015 as a summer employee when, through a few twists and turns, the opportunity unexpectedly arose to take on a logistics management role in Merima’s first project in Japan. Iiro, who has a degree in business and finance, had little previous knowledge of the shipbuilding industry, but he was attracted to extensive and challenging projects. After his summer job, the opportunity to do an internship in logistics management presented itself. During the internship, Iiro was able to closely follow the work of a project manager and admire how large projects were carefully and professionally managed. “That’s where I got the spark to become a project manager,” says Iiro.

Iiro Hokkila
Job title
Account manager
Member of merima crew
Since 2015


“Throughout my career we have had open discussions about my interests and needs in my work and it has been great to have Merima’s active support in my professional development and career building”

After graduating from his studies, Iiro returned to Merima for another logistics-focused job, this time in Papenburg, Germany. From Germany, Iiro moved to the Turku Procurement Department, where he was responsible for exterior projects in Turku, and while working there, as Iiro was able to observe the work of Michele Dáquino, a long-standing ship expert, the dream of becoming a project manager only grew stronger. From purchaser to project manager, Iiro’s role gradually expanded, and he was project manager on both Carnival projects.

The international environment, customers and project-based work have felt natural to Iiro. The work has been varied and the projects are always completely unique, each with its own challenges. In 2021, Iiro moved to his current role as Account Manager in his hometown Helsinki. “It feels good to be home for a change,” he laughs.

Merima’s passion for developing the industry is also engaging for employees

Merima’s continuous development enables agile operating models and efficient allocation of resources to the right places. Iiro appreciates Merima’s continuous renewal and reaction to changing markets and growing industry demands. The desire to stay up to date is also reflected in the employees.

In the role of Account Manager, Iiro is responsible for various aspects of sales, such as quoting, marketing, creating and implementing sales strategy, and he actively engages in the customer interface. In the future, Iiro will focus on the finalization and implementation of the sales strategy

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