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Aurora Botnia

M/S Aurora Botnia is a RoPax passenger ship commissioned by the shipping company Wasaline in 2021. It is a modern ferry with two cargo decks. It accommodates around 800 passengers and has a freight capacity of 1,500 lane meters for trucks and cars. We implemented the project with a mega-turnkey approach, covering over 6,000 m² of public interior areas including background installations, all cabins and cabin areas, as well as the wheelhouse and engine control room. The project was carried out from steel to finishing by Merima. The shipyard made the hull and we at Merima built everything else.

Project name
Wasaline – Aurora Botnia

Summer 2021

Customer/End customer

Rauma Marine Constructions Oy / Kvarken Link / Wasaline

Service provided by Merima

Turnkey (Steel-to-Steel)


All public areas, cabins, staircase, wheelhouse, ECR

Building area

6,322 m²

Aurora Botnia

Public areas

The project covered several areas, including a pub, bar, buffet restaurant, kids’ area, shop, café and several lounges as well as all staircases. We provided all the interior outfitting from floor to ceiling. Throughout the ship, we installed wooden details such as wood-paneled ceiling elements and seating groups, with magnificent wooden pillars and lighting rising from the center towards the ceiling.

Special features by Merima’s Inhouse production on the ship included the restaurant’s decorative wall, buffet area bar framing and cladding, divider wall, raised floors and profiles.

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Aurora Botnia


This was the first time Merima was in charge of building and installing all cabins. The cabins were prefabricated in a warehouse near the shipyard. The vessel has passenger cabins, crew cabins and ADA-cabins, or barrier-free cabins for the disabled. The cabin modules included walls, ceiling, lighting, electricity, beds and the bathroom module with its piping and fixtures. Once the cabin modules were in their places on board the ship, floors were installed and connections to the electrical, piping and air-conditioning networks were made. The cabin solutions were tested before on-board installation at Merima’s factory premises in Helsinki.
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