Our state-of-the-art production facility in Helsinki creates solutions for public interior areas that fulfill the complex technical, design and quality requirements of your ship. Merima manufactures multi-material products and interiors that meet demanding expectations and high standards – including industry regulations.

Dynamic control of production

Merima’s 2900㎡ in-house production facilities allow us to flexibly manufacture challenging elements that combine many materials in accordance with all shipbuilding regulations.

Our skilled workshop designers turn an architect’s vision into a product that can be manufactured cost-efficiently while still looking like the original vision in real life.

All the products are created to fulfill the technical, design, quality and regulatory requirements for your ship. As a seasoned vendor, we have the knowledge of which materials and technical solutions are optimal to use and can produce these multi-material solutions in-house with our core team of skilled carpenters, sheet metal workers and painters.

This dynamic control of production and agility in project delivery means more effective decision-making and better cost control.


We deliver what we promise

We get things right the first time. Merima follows strict standards of quality and has the expertise to find solutions for challenging and complex needs. Our in-house production guarantees quality solutions with no hidden surprises or delays.

In-house production increases agility and scalability

When schedules are tight, in-house production increases agility, scalability and allows for better risk management and higher-quality execution. Projects with challenging elements and schedules are our forte.

Centralized operations allow you to focus on other areas of your business

We manage the logistics between every department: design, project management, production, and installation. Centralized operations mean you have more time to focus on other areas of your business, with peace of mind that quality will be guaranteed.
facilities and expertise

Making it possible

  • 2900 ㎡ factory in Helsinki, Finland
  • 2310 ㎡ metal and logistics workshop, inc. TruLaser 1030 fiber optic laser cutter
  • 360 ㎡ wood workshop, inc. 5-Axis CNC Machining center for panels up to 1525 x 3050 mm
  • 230 ㎡ paint workshop, specialized in painting materials to ship environment.
  • Dedicated metal, wood, paint, logistics and design teams.
  • Compliant with ISO standards for Quality Management, occupational health and safety, Environmental Management, and fusion welding for metallic elements.



Solutions for public spaces of various ship types

Our services include comprehensive turnkey supply projects, tailored solutions for individual sites and refurbishment for the renewal and renovation of areas.

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