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Motivated by a variety of tasks and the opportunity of building a career

Janne Repo, a long-standing professional, started his career at Merima in 2000. In the early part of his career, he was responsible for tool stock and property maintenance in Merima’s tool warehouse and organizing the delivery of goods from the warehouse to the shipyards in Turku and Rauma. His role as a procurement and maintenance officer was broad and varied. Over the first decade, his role evolved as the business expanded to include a second property.

Janne Repo
Job title
Production Planner
Member of merima crew
Since 2000


“Seeing the result of your work is always a thrill and time and time again the final products are amazing”

From procurement and maintenance, Janne moved on to production as a purchaser, where he was in charge of procurement for various projects. As his skills and know-how have grown, his role has evolved and continues to evolve, with the support of his employer. “Each day is different and there is plenty to do,” says Janne.

Janne has been in his current position since 2016 and is in charge of all ongoing in-house production projects. As part of several teams, Janne works with management, foremen, project managers and procurement to ensure that the necessary materials and resources are available for each project. Teamwork has developed and strengthened considerably over the years and is still being developed.

Continuous development keeps the work interesting

Janne’s favourite part of his job has always been the variety of projects and overcoming challenges. Progress in the field has been rapid and each project has its own joys and challenges. However, each project ends with a sense of accomplishment when the customer’s vision has been turned into a reality.

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