Merima appoints Mikko Mäkiranta as CEO

For the past three years, Merima has been undergoing a gradual generation change process. On midsummer, the family firm takes the next step in the process, when Merima founder Mauri Mäkiranta leaves the post of CEO, handing the position over to his son Mikko Mäkiranta.

“My son is a determined, persistent individual with a positive attitude. I´m extremely confident that he will do an excellent job as the new CEO,” says Mauri Mäkiranta. “Mikko has been working for the company for over a decade, most recently as Deputy CEO, charting his own course through even the most challenging tasks. In the process he has earned the respect and trust of our workers, associates and customers. Now is the perfect time for me to leave the day to day operations of the company to the younger generation.”

“My father has built an excellent company over the past three decades,” Mikko Mäkiranta responds. “Merima has come a long way under his leadership. We are here because of his vision, passion and commitment. Today, Merima has an impressive portfolio of references as one of the leading providers of marine interior solutions, and we are constantly developing the company further. It will be both an honour and a privilege to build on this foundation. Together with our personnel, we have created a strong vision and strategy we all believe in. While the current market situation is challenging, I know that our 120 outstanding employees and our excellent partner network will help us through these demanding times.”

After leaving the post of CEO, Mauri Mäkiranta will concentrate exclusively on the duties of the Chairman of the Board at Merima, meaning that his valuable experience and connections will remain at the disposal of the company. Looking back at the 33 years on the helm of Merima, Mauri Mäkiranta reflects: “The Finnish shipbuilding industry has been through many tough periods during these years – but at Merima we have weathered all of them and are set on a path of continuously successful future. The Finnish National Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2019 was a touching recognition of our work, and I am convinced that Merima has many thriving years to come under the new leadership.”