Merima invests in reliability and production capacity

While the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affects almost all aspects of life, not only does work at Merima’s Helsinki factory continue, so does the company’s long-term investment programme in improved production capacity and reliability. As a part of the programme, the company has recently invested in a fibre laser cutter and a corner press, which allow Merima to move a larger part of its production output in-house as a part of a larger scheme of creating more flexibility while streamlining and clarifying the production processes.

“Both the computer-assisted fibre laser and the corner press help us work better and more efficiently with metal parts,” explains Merima’s Production Director Janne Säkkinen. “Previously, we had to rely on subcontractors for the more complex metal parts, which had an effect in our scheduling and sometimes caused problems. With the new machinery, we can produce these critical parts ourselves, which improves reliability and also increases our production capacity.”

The new equipment means Merima can now better offer its customers more detailed and challenging designs, as Säkkinen elaborates: “We just agreed to deliver additional work for a ship that we are already working on for one of our customers. This is precisely the kind of thing we would have previously subcontracted, but now that we can produce the relevant pieces in-house, we could offer the customer what they needed on a quick schedule. Once we have everything up and running properly, we can ourselves offer excess capacity to other companies as subcontractor, allowing for a new part to our portfolio at Merima.”

Following staff training, the response from the workers has been very good. “Our staff is understandably excited about the new equipment,” Säkkinen continues. “It allows us to optimise our own design and production – but it also means we not only can but must change our way of working to make the most efficient use of the new equipment both by themselves and our pre-existing machines. Making this possible is a welcome challenge, something we are all committed to make work.”

The long-term investment programme at Merima naturally continues even after these investments, as the company constantly works on further improving how they can serve their customers in the best, most flexible way.