Our encouraging and flexible work community is comprised of highly trained professionals united by a passion for shipbuilding. At Merima, we are bound together by an unshakable team spirit that extends to every employee, regardless of their role or position. Our strong team spirit also extends to our partners and customers, with whom we strive to be a united front.

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At Merima, we have more than 80 professionals working in our different locations. Our employees are motivated, passionate shipbuilding professionals and our work is based on a strong team spirit and continuous development. We offer our employees an excellent foothold in the shipbuilding industry.

Even if there are no open vacancies, we are always interested in hearing from experts in the field. If we have piqued your interest, you can submit an open job application by email to 

Careers |Project Coordinator

Here is a fantastic opportunity for you to work on the interior areas of the world’s most ...
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Careers |Taloushallinnon kesäharjoittelija

Etsimme yritykseemme Helsinkiin oma-aloitteista, tarkkaa ja huolellista taloushallinnon harjoittelijaa 2–3 kuukauden määräaikaiseen työsuhteeseen. Työn toivottu aloitusajankohta on ...
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Careers | Project Purchaser

Are you ready to join our team to implement the most demanding ship building projects for our ...
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Careers | Head of Refurbishment

Are you a high performing professional in the shipbuilding industry with a passion for transforming vessels through ...
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Get to know our professionals and their career stories at Merima

Over several decades, our crew members have been building their stories at Merima. We emphasize the value of professionalism and encourage our employees to further their careers and pursue their dreams. Here you can get to know the journey of some Merima employees.

Towards common goals and success as a team

We aim to be the best workplace by promoting common goals, continuous development and investment in employee experience. It is important to us that our employees are committed and happy. Wellbeing is based on meaningful work as well as refining and developing work methods so that working feels comfortable. In addition to offering employee benefits, we also strive to support individual solutions that promote employee wellbeing. Our hierarchy is low and the most important thing for us is that the team works well together.
Meet the Merima Crew

Inspiring career stories of the Merima Crew

Continuous learning and development are the keys to high motivation. We support our employees on their journey towards their career goals. Read what our employees have to say about their careers at Merima!


Passion for shipbuilding

We are a family business with a long history in the industry. We are constantly developing our operations and investing in our staff.

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