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Project Manager Antti Launonen has been with Merima since 2019. Fresh out of university with a degree in Industrial and Production Management, Antti spent some time working for a Finnish shipyard before joining Merima as a Project Engineer. From there, he displayed his flair for leadership and strong industry knowledge to become a Project Manager for his second project – Tallink’s MyStar.


Antti Launonen

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Project Manager

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Since 2019



Merima has an abundance of leaders, career development opportunities, and internal courses that push me to grow, strengthen my skills and go to the next level.

Antti joined the company just before the COVID-19 pandemic started, meaning that the company was in a remote setting for much of his first year. Despite this, he could still easily receive his colleagues’ support when needed – not just from his own project team but also from his supervisors and the whole Merima management team.

This enabled him to very quickly develop the skills necessary to become a Project Manager, managing the cabin and crew areas in one of the biggest ever steel-to-steel turnkey contracts carried out by Merima.

“I’m most proud of the cabin areas on MyStar. It was a pretty new thing for us at that point – we’d never done them to this scope before, so I’m really pleased and proud that we managed to create 200 cabin modules that looked amazing, which the customer was really happy with,” says Antti.

As a Project Manager of large, complex projects, Antti faces demanding challenges on a daily basis. These require him to push his boundaries and develop quick, innovative, and smart solutions for the customer that meet their high-quality expectations and keep the project on schedule.

As an employee-centered company, Merima offers various benefits to its employees, and Antti loves to mountain bike with his company bike on the weekends. “You really get the feeling that you’re appreciated at Merima, which drives you to do your work to the best possible standard and makes the challenging projects 100% worth it!” he continues.

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