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Ömer was born and raised in Turkey and has studied Mechanical Engineering. After which, he worked for two years as a Product Launch Engineer. From there, he applied for a ship design training course offered by Meyer Turku, in co-operation and selected by Merima. After completing his training, Ömer was offered the position of Warranty Engineer at Merima, staying in that role for over two years. Here he worked with several Project Managers, quickly learning what it takes to manage the large and complex projects Merima handles every year. “We’re lucky at Merima because there are so many people with different personalities and expertise that it was a privilege to learn from them,” says Ömer.

It wasn’t long before he became a Project Manager, responsible for the Lanai deck, for his first ship – Carnival Cruise Lines new flagship, Carnival Celebration. In his role, Ömer tries to make the project effortless for the customer, matching Merima’s expertise and the company’s vision for the best outcomes.

Currently, Ömer is managing the Sun & Sports deck and kids area, amounting to approximately 5,000 m2, on TUI’s Mein Schiff 7. The steel-to-steel project will be delivered in April 2024.


Ömer Cagiran

Job title

Project Manager

Member of merima crew

Since 2019



Thanks to the team and other managers, I get help when I need it. That’s one thing that makes me excited to work here – they won’t let you down. The company has so much expertise that you will find a way to overcome your problems.

As a Project Manager, Ömer encounters challenges daily. As the link between the shipyard, the customer and the internal project team, Ömer needs to ensure that the cooperation is as seamless as possible. His job is to ensure and oversee that the process flows without any bottlenecks. But changing circumstances means he needs to change the game plan when needed, requiring strong resilience and adaptability.

“I try to visit the site once a day, so I know how my team is doing – and I try to anticipate their daily challenges. I think there’s a big difference between seeing and hearing the challenges. And they might not see their own challenges, but when I come, I can see things they’re unaware of,” he says.


For Ömer, Merima’s constant learning and development culture motivates him and inspires him to hone his skills.

“Merima thinks about the long-term and they care about helping you become the best version of yourself. Merima understands that personal growth and development don’t happen quickly and are willing to invest their money and time in you.”

“With their help and support, I’ve gone from a Warranty Engineer to handling projects worth millions of euros. It makes me think the company values me, which motivates me to deliver more for the company,” says Ömer.

Ömer enjoys the work-life balance in Finland, and having easy access to nature, fishing, and spending time in the forest are some of his favorite activities.

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