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The best thing about Merima is teamwork, development and continuous learning, as well as a good team

Tytti started working at Merima in 2019, when she was in the final stages of her studies in business administration. She had previous experience of working in the purchasing department of a shipping industry company and when she joined Merima, Tytti was able to advance her career in the direction she wanted – professional development and taking responsibility for larger projects.
Tytti Nieminen
Job title
Project Purchaser
Member of merima crew
Since 2019

“I get to work in a great project team where we solve problems and obstacles together.”

As a purchaser, Tytti works in a core team of four people, with a back-office team behind it. “I have mainly worked on theatre projects in Turku, but I have also had the opportunity to visit other projects as a substitute, which is also interesting because every project is different,” Tytti says. As a purchaser, she is responsible for the financial management of the projects together with the project manager. The purchaser is responsible for all project procurement, materials, installation and other subcontracting work.

Tytti has been able to expand her role by being part of the Merima Logistics 2023 project, where a small team is developing the functionality and efficiency of Merima’s internal and inter-site logistics.

In close teamwork, you never feel alone

Working in a team has been particularly rewarding for Tytti: “I get to work in a great project team where we solve problems and obstacles together.” Tytti has found Merima’s One Team Model approach particularly effective, where team members work more closely together and are involved on an equal footing. The hierarchy is less rigid, and work flows smoothly as it is done together aiming for common goals. Team interaction is also where team members learn best about their own work, the industry and shipbuilding. However, everyone has their own responsibilities and is accountable for their own work and results.

Although project-based work is sometimes hectic and busy, Tytti finds her work and its challenges motivating. In the future, Tytti hopes to develop herself and discover her own potential through her work. “In the future, I will be a top procurement professional, as Harri Suutari from Merima would say.”

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